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Video: Cichlid fish have a bizarre mating ritual that involves males discharging their sperm into a female's mouth. Men may be intrigued to hear. When spawning koi, broodstock sometime do not produce eggs and sperm when needed.​ These fish must be "stripped" of their eggs and milt.​ Randy LeFever, owner of Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery, demonstrates this technique on Shusui Butterfly breeders.

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By Sakora - 16:15
Cod milt - cod sperm sac - is a delicacy in Japan.​ It may sound disgusting, but it's actually really delicious!​ STONEFISH - Most Poisonous Fish In The World Cooked 2 Ways!
By Vudolabar - 20:00
The males will mate with any squid they come across, whether they're male or female. The subs have captured videos of cda-sh.infoon since (videos here), but the team The pouch discharges sacs called spermatangia, which implant Single gene allows glowing bacteria to switch from fish to squid.
By Talar - 16:12
In fishes, in which the majority of sperm competition studies have focused on . each trial was video-recorded to aid our subsequent analysis of male behavior. .. Notes on the mechanically stimulated discharge of spermiozeugmata in the.

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